Investment Opportunities

Become an investor

If you are interested in helping me in my pro golf journey, I have created a business plan where you can earn money from my golf. I will give 100% of my winnings to you, up until you have earned your money back.

I don’t earn a single cent until you have all of your money returned. Once I earn 100% of your money back, the excess amount I earn from then on switches to 25%(investor) – 75%(me).

Investors will have the option of buying shares of me, each valued at $5,000 per share (maximum 16 total shares) . This will allow investors that buy more shares to take a proportionately bigger potion of the excess tournament winnings. 

Example 1:

I receive a total of $15,000 in investment from two investors. Investor A bought 1 share, Investor B bought 2 shares. I win $20,000 in tournament winnings. Each investor is returned their original investment and the excess $5000 is split 25/75. So $1250 is allocated proportionately between the investors.

Investor A is returned their original $5,000 PLUS $417
Investor B is returned their original $10,000 PLUS $833.

The contract term will terminate when I reach $0 after using up all of the investment money due to tournament/travel expenses. Once I have used up all of the money I will distribute the money back to the investors accordingly.

Investors will then have the option to reinvest with the same amount, invest with more/less, or choose to not reinvest.


Example 2:

I receive $20,000 in investment, each investor in with 1 share each. I win $30,000 from my tournaments. I give back the investors 100% of their initial investment. With the excess $10,000, it splits 25% – 75% which would be $2,500 allocated proportionately between the investors.
So each investor receives $5,000 PLUS $625 each. Contract ends when I run out of fundraised money.

Example 3:

I receive $15,000 in investment. I struggle and only win $10,000 from my tournaments. I distribute the $10,000 accordingly back to investors and I keep $0. Contract ends when I run out of fundraised money.

Why Am I Doing This?

I know I have the game to compete and have a successful pro career, but I don’t have any means of funding that dream. I just want a chance.

Of course I would love to earn and keep all of the money for myself. But I don’t have the luxury of having very high expenses with no guarantee on returns. If I can crowdfund while giving back money to my donors and earning a little bit on top if I have a decent month, that’s a much better method for me in the early part of my career.


If you have ANY questions at all, have even the slightest of interest, or want to see my full business plan, let’s chat. Please send me a really quick easy email:

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