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The secret to consistent ball striking is not about having a good or bad address position. It’s about laying the foundation for you to swing the club freely, empowering you to confidently approach every shot.


Similar to the address position, having a solid takeaway gives you the foundation to be in a great position at the top of the swing.


Body position, hand position, and shaft angle at this stage will influence the rest of your swing. I address common mistakes the average golfer is making and how to fix them immediately.

Top Of The Swing

This is arguably the most important part of your swing. If you don’t see a few things happen here at the top of the swing you’re set up for disaster on the downswing and have NO CHOICE but to make compensations for your mistakes.

Arm Parallel (Downswing)

If you are in a great position here you are going to be very consistent and a great ball striker. If you are in a bad position here you are playing catch up, and will have to make compensations quickly because you don’t have much time here.

Club Parallel (Downswing)

Every swing can look different in the backswing and takeaway, but every single swing on the PGA Tour looks the exact same here at P6 if filmed from the correct angle. I will show you exactly how to get to this position to start performing like the best in the world.


The best ball strikers in the world all have very similar impact positions. You will understand why that’s the case and how to better time up your swing for maximum consistency.


This position is a direct representation of how good or bad your downswing was. I can tell you exactly what your bad shots tend to be just from looking at this position, but also empower you to fix your exit giving you the ability to have better control over the golf ball.

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What Is Depth?

The Importance of Shallowing

Getting Across The Line

Shortening Your Backswing

Client Feedback & Reviews

“I have paid for MeAndMyGolf, Wisdom in Golf, Golf Digest Schools, but your approach on this made me confident to spend even more on your courses than the monthly fee on the other platforms. Thanks for your help”
Eli O
“Man this is great info Luke, you are dead on the money. I don’t have confidence in the average golf instructor but I’ve found you now so I’m stoked. (Although I think you are undervaluing your swing program, but I’m not here to give you advice)”
Mark M
“I did not think that “online” training was useful for golf … I’m now convinced that this is the only way … I think the videos are great, especially the fact that you cover multiple swings outcomes … I’m really impressed”
“Worth every penny, especially the swing bit is better than Phil, Leadbetter, DW, etc.”

Jon M

Frequently asked questions

When I was a kid, I got a couple lessons a year from a high end instructor. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everything he taught me, but for charging $250 for 50 minutes… I wanted a lot more than just an analysis of my swing. I wanted much more than just 1 or 2 takeaway points. I wanted understanding. I wanted the whole thing. One day, I got a lesson and my two takeaway points were:

1. Stand taller at address
2. Weaken my left hand grip.

That was the last lesson I took.

In my opinion, a REALLY good instructor is one that eventually becomes needed less and less. Because he’ll tell you WHY you need to do something, so that you can fix your swing by yourself without him being there anymore.

Instructors don’t have the time to sit down and help you understand the golf swing because their time is limited. I eliminated the time factor. I’m able to help you understand the golf swing while also fixing the problems in your swing as well.

I have seen a few others do something similar to this but they have 300+ videos. I see that as a shotgun “spray and hope something hits” method.

My program consists of 34 videos, but every one of them are organized within each category of the swing. You don’t have to watch all 34 videos. In fact, I recommend you don’t because it will be overwhelming.

For each problem you may encounter in your swing, I have a video in the program that will correct that problem. Not only do I help you fix each problem, I help you gain the understanding as well.

In addition, my private coaching plan includes twice a month where you can send swing videos to me and I will deep dive analyze and show you what I’d like for you to work on and why.

As someone who plays professionally and is expected to post red numbers week in and week out, I recognize this program is NOT made for everyone.

If you’re shooting around even or under par consistently, this is not for you. Improving your golf swing at this skill level will yield small results and just won’t be worth it.

If you are brand new to golf, this is also not for you. (Super pumped that you’re picking up the game though!) But you’re better off learning the beginner basics from YouTube or other free sources. Get the bare minimum basics down for a couple months and then consider getting into this program.

This is for everyone in between. Especially for golfers who record their own swings often and would like to know what to really be looking for. Or golfers who are too far away to get a lesson from a high end instructor.

There are way too many different variables for me to solely focus on ball flight patterns. It would’ve provided less value and the videos would’ve been highly disorganized.

This program is targeting your swing mechanics and helping you get in position to minimize the timing aspect of the golf swing so you can have more consistent ball striking. While also helping you create the shot shape you prefer. Once my program gives you the understanding and fixes your swing, I have no doubt you will get rid of your slices/hooks and have a much more playable shot dispersion.