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Inside you will gain access to the FREE VERSION of my Course Management Program where I share what I’ve learned from college golf, my coaches, and by playing with elite-level players.

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Course/Hole Design

Not every hole plays the same. But there are concepts that hold true no matter what hole you stand in front of.

Club Selection

It's not as simple as just hitting a stock shot with the club closest to the yardage. Factors such as pin position play a major role in club selection.

General Rules Of Thumb

Regardless of where you are in the world, there are certain rules and trends you should be familiar with and use to your advantage.


Rain or shine, I share with you how to become a truly consistent golfer, regardless of the conditions.

Rare Instances

There are always rare instances on the golf courses that break these rules. By understanding the concepts I share here, you can recognize and recover from them faster.

Average Versus Elite Level Players

Learn what separates the average golfer from a professional and how they take all factors into account.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

"As a high school golf coach, I'm able to help my players post better scores, simply by leveraging the tactics Luke talks about in this program."
Sebastian Hoth
"What are you waiting for? It's free!"

Francois Mercer
Frequently Asked Questions

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Inside the free version of my course management program, you will learn how to better navigate course design, club selection, general rules of thumb for shooting low scores, navigating rare instances, and what separates elite-level players from the average golfer.
I believe I’ve created the best course management program in the world. The information contained inside the free version will help you start thinking & playing like an elite-level player.
By no means do you have to purchase anything you don’t see the value in. However, if you like what you see inside the free version, the full version goes much more in-depth into aspects such as navigating greens, club selection, conditions, grass types, getting out of trouble, and much more!

As we all know, golf is a game of inches. Making a handful of better decisions every round can shave 3, 4 or even more strokes off your round. If you’ve come this far, what are you waiting for? It’s completely free.

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